Snacks & Crafts

“Snacks & Crafts,” Friend, June 2017

Snacks & Crafts

Father’s Day is June 18 this year. Celebrate dads, grandpas, and fathers from your family history!

Friend Magazine, 2017/6 Jun

Father’s Day Origami

  1. Fold a rectangular piece of paper in half lengthwise.

  2. Fold both halves in toward the middle crease.

  3. Fold two corners outward into triangles.

  4. Fold the top of the rectangle up so that it sticks out a little over the triangles. Flip the paper over.

  5. Use scissors to cut a notch in each side of the overhanging piece.

  6. Fold down the corners of the overhanging piece so that they meet in the center.

  7. Tape or glue down the collar of the shirt. Decorate—try taping on a paper necktie or just drawing one on.

  8. Write a note on it for your dad, grandpa, or someone you admire, and give it to them on Father’s Day!

Breakfast Kabob Ideas

  • Fruit

  • French toast, cut into squares

  • Cooked sausage, ham, or bacon

  • Serve with syrup or powdered sugar