Jesus Healed People

    “Jesus Healed People,” Friend, June 2017

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    Jesus Healed People

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    One day a man named Jairus asked Jesus to come to his house. His daughter was sick and needed a blessing.

    As Jesus was on His way to Jairus’s house, a woman who had been sick for 12 years saw Jesus. She believed Jesus could heal her. She reached out and touched the edge of Jesus’s robe.

    The woman was healed! Jesus said she was healed because of her faith.

    Then someone came with terrible news. Jairus’s daughter had died. Was it too late for Jesus to bless her?

    Jesus told Jairus not to be afraid but to believe. When Jesus got to Jairus’s house, He told Jairus’s daughter to arise. She opened her eyes. She was alive again! Her parents were amazed.

    We can have faith in Jesus too. His healing power is still on earth today, and we can ask for a priesthood blessing whenever we need one.