Funstuff: Write Your Own Coded Messages
January 2017

“Funstuff: Write Your Own Coded Messages,” Friend, January 2017


Write Your Own Coded Messages

Funstuff: Write Your Own Coded Messages

Here’s a fun way to spread some happiness. Everybody loves getting secret messages—even Mom or Dad!

  1. On the smaller wheel, write in all the letters from A through Z, in any order.

  2. Cut out the two circles and glue them to cardboard or cardstock.

  3. Center the small wheel on the big wheel and poke a hole through the center of both wheels. Use a metal fastener to connect the wheels.

  4. Turn the wheels so the letters match up any way you want. Now you’re all set! Write a kind message in code for a family member or friend to solve. Give them the message and wheel. Be sure to let them know which letters to match up on the wheels.

I wrote a message, just for you.

Now try to solve it, using this clue:

Match _____________ on the small wheel with _____________.