The Book on the Shelf
January 2017

“The Book on the Shelf,” Friend, January 2017

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The Book on the Shelf

From an interview with Linda Davies

“Search, ponder, and pray are the things that I must do” (Children’s Songbook, 109).

The Book on the Shelf

I was 12 when I heard about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I met two LDS missionaries on the bus. They asked if they could come teach my family.

The missionaries left us a copy of the Book of Mormon and a pamphlet of Joseph Smith’s testimony. My parents were wonderful people. But they did not join the Church at that time.

The two items stayed on our bookshelf for many years. Then one day when I was 18, I looked through our bookshelf for something good to read. I picked up the Book of Mormon and read the first chapter. A special feeling came to me as I read.

In my heart I felt the book was true. The Book of Mormon had a special message about Jesus Christ’s Atonement. I learned more about my own life and about Heavenly Father’s blessings.

Next I read the pamphlet. I was very impressed. Even though Joseph Smith was only 14, he had the courage to ask Heavenly Father which church was true.

From that time on, I have always followed Joseph Smith’s example. I read the scriptures and ask Heavenly Father for help and guidance. Prayer and the Book of Mormon are very important parts of my life.

When you have problems, read the Book of Mormon and pray. You will learn more about the gospel and find the answers you need, just like I did. Remember what you feel when you do.

Search the Scriptures!

The scriptures help us find answers from Heavenly Father when we have questions or worries. Follow the maze to match each worry with help from the scriptures!

Feeling sad? Revelation 21:4

Feeling lonely? Isaiah 41:10, 13

Feeling confused? 3 Nephi 17:1–3

Feeling afraid? John 14:26–27

Spanish Scripture Scramble

Elder González first read the Book of Mormon in Spanish. Unscramble the English words below. Then match them with the Spanish words. (Check answers below.) Have you seen any of these words in the scriptures?

  1. pteorhp __________________________________

  2. elramic __________________________________

  3. tioedben __________________________________

  4. nysetomit __________________________________

  5. eplsdici __________________________________

  1. testimonio

  2. obediente

  3. profeta

  4. discípulo

  5. milagro

  • Answer: prophet, c; miracle, e; obedient, b; testimony, a; disciple, d