Salsa Service
January 2017

“Salsa Service,” Friend, January 2017

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Salsa Service

Salsa Service

Hi! My name is Brooks. Last Christmas I wanted to buy a neat spy watch for my brother, so I baked and sold homemade bread. I had some money left over, so I gave it to the Red Cross and the giving tree at my school. Then I found out about some other people who really needed help!

1. What’s a Refugee?

My mom told me about some refugees who came to our city. They had to leave their countries because they were in danger. They couldn’t bring much with them. I really wanted to help, so I decided to buy supplies for them.

2. Getting to Work

I earned the money for supplies by making salsa. Mom helped me. Then I sold it to people from church, school, and my dad’s work. I raised a lot of money!

3. Buying the Supplies

My brother Henry and our friend Zayne went to the store with me. We bought school supplies, cleaning stuff, baby food, blankets, and some really awesome backpacks!

When we dropped off our stuff at the refugee services center, it felt like Christmas. I knew I was doing the right thing and that Heavenly Father was happy with it too.

How Can You Help?

  • Donate money to the Humanitarian Aid fund in a tithing envelope.

  • Give food, clothes, or blankets to a community or refugee services center.

  • Pray for anyone who’s going through hard times.

  • Go to page 35 to see something you can make to donate!