For Parents of Little Ones
January 2017

“For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, January 2017

For Parents of Little Ones

For Parents of Little Ones

January means big changes, especially for new Sunbeams! Whether your child dives into the new class, hangs back, or totally melts down at first, trust that Heavenly Father is happy you’ve brought them to Primary. It’s a good place for growing young faith!

Here are some ideas to help your child adjust to a new year in Primary:

  • Visit the Primary rooms when they’re not in use. Say, “See how the chairs are your size? This place is just right for you! See the piano? You’ll get to sing some great songs.”

  • If possible, arrange for your little one to meet the new teachers during the week. Or look at their pictures from the online ward directory.

  • Role-play beforehand. A sibling or parent could pretend to be the Primary teacher. The “teacher” will greet your little one at the door, show them where to sit, sing a Primary song with them, and teach a short lesson.

  • Explain that everyone has a job at church. Tell about what you do in your Church calling. Then tell about what a Primary teacher does. Ask your child to guess what their new job at church is—to be a Sunbeam! Explain what Sunbeams do, like sing, listen to the teacher, and show kindness to others.

  • Find out if there’s a friend or neighbor who will be in the Sunbeam class too. Encourage your child to look forward to being with the friend in Sunbeams.