For Older Kids

    “For Older Kids,” Friend, January 2017

    For Older Kids

    For Older Kids

    Dear Journal

    Write and draw a journal photo of you! What do you look like? Who is your best friend? What’s your favorite scripture? What are you working on right now? Add fun things like tickets, wrappers, or stickers to spice up your page!

    Think about It

    Elder Quentin L. Cook

    “See yourself in the temple.”

    —Elder Quentin L. Cook

    My family helped a neighbor clear rocks from their yard. It took most of the day. It felt so good helping them that I even mowed their lawn. I know I was touched by the Holy Ghost that day because of how good I felt.

    Coda G., age 11, Utah, USA


    What can you find at the end of every rainbow? (Answer below.)

    My Haiku

    A testimony

    Is faith in each footstep by

    Following Jesus

    Jordynn D., age 11, Colorado, USA

    Quick Quiz

    Who is your favorite scripture hero?

    • Esther

    • Moses

    • Nephi

    • Abish

    • Other ____________________

    • Answer: the letter w