When I Grow Up … I Want to Be a Rancher

“When I Grow Up … I Want to Be a Rancher,” Friend, October 2016, 20

When I Grow Up …

I Want to Be a Rancher

I’m TaRell McMurdie, and I’m a rancher.

Friend Magazine, 2016/10 Oct

What do you do in your job?

I plant, weed, irrigate, and harvest crops, and I take care of our animals too. We need to know about new ideas in ranching and how to do things better. I teach our children these new ideas, just like my parents taught me.

What did you have to learn to do this job?

I grew up on a farm, so I learned from my parents and grandparents. As a boy I helped out on the farm all the time. When I got older, I joined a school club called Future Farmers of America. I learned about how to run a farm, how to fix farm equipment, and a lot more.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love to watch the animals and crops grow. It makes me happy to say, “I grew that” or “I raised that.” It also teaches our family about hard work, and there is nothing more fun than being with my horse and riding around the ranch.

How does this job help your testimony grow?

I rely a lot on Heavenly Father to bless me. I need the right weather at the right time and to know when to plant and when to harvest. I feel God has helped me in what I do and has protected me many times. The gospel helps me realize that Heavenly Father is like a farmer too because He loves to watch His children grow, just like I love to watch my crops grow.