A New Picture for May

“A New Picture for May,” Friend, October 2016, FJ8–FJ9

A New Picture for May

Friend Magazine, 2016/10 Oct

May and Ann sat by each other in Primary. They drew pictures of Jesus and of their families. They glued them in paper chains to make necklaces.

Sister Gardner asked how their families showed love.

“I ride bikes with my dad!” Ben said.

“We go to church together,” Leo said.

“My sister helps me with homework,” Ann said.

May felt sad. She didn’t ride bikes with her dad. She went to church with only her grandma. Sometimes she fought with her sister.

“How does your family show love, May?” Sister Gardner asked.

May put her head down on the table. “I don’t know,” she said.

Ann looked at May. She picked up a crayon. She started drawing again. Then she held up a picture. It was a girl with long hair. It looked just like May!

“May, I drew a picture of you. It’s for my necklace. I’m going to put you between Jesus and me. I love you. And Jesus loves you too.”

May lifted up her head. The picture made her smile. She felt happy that Ann was nice to her. And she knew that Jesus loved her.

May ran over and gave Ann a hug. “Thank you!” she said. “Can I draw you for my necklace too?”

Ann smiled big. “Yes!” she said. “And let’s draw Jesus too.”

When Primary was over, May ran to show her necklace to Grandma. “Guess what!” May said. “Jesus loves me.”