My Family Tree
October 2016

“My Family Tree,” Friend, October 2016, 11

My Family Tree

I can do family history!

My Family Tree

Our stake president gave our stake a challenge to find family names to take to the temple. It was called a 40-day challenge because we had 40 days to find the names. During the challenge I went to FamilySearch.org.

As I was looking at my ancestors, I got this feeling that I never had before. I felt that some of my ancestors did not have their temple work done. The next thing I did was look for them on my family tree. After a while I found one ancestor who needed temple work. After that I found more ancestors needing temple work.

After a little bit I found five families needing temple work. After I found all the names, I got a warm feeling in my heart. Now my parents have family names to take to the temple. I fulfilled the stake president’s challenge to find one or more ancestors that need their temple work done.

Even though I am seven years old, I am still a good example. I still have that feeling, and I am still looking for ancestors that need temple work done. This is the best experience I have ever had, and I will never forget how I felt.