What I Learned from Alex

“What I Learned from Alex,” Friend, October 2016, 36

What I Learned from Alex

Why didn’t Alex want to hang out?

Friend Magazine, 2016/10 Oct

When I was in fifth grade, nobody else in my neighborhood or my school was LDS. And after church on Sundays, I’d play video games and watch TV with my friends.

After I finished fifth grade, I moved to a different state. My first day there was a Saturday. I met a kid named Alex. I hung out with him through the evening. When he had to go home, I asked him if he could hang out the next day. He said it was Sunday and he couldn’t hang out. I decided to follow Alex’s example by keeping the Sabbath day holy.

The next day I went to church, came home, and replaced my video-game time with reading time. That night I knew Heavenly Father was proud of me. And I thought about how proud of Alex He must be too for being a good example. Ever since then, I have kept the Sabbath day holy.