Show and Tell
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“Show and Tell,” Friend, October 2016, 28–29

Show and Tell

Friend Magazine, 2016/10 Oct

Stake leaders challenged each Primary in the Pensacola Florida Stake to do more service. The Pace Ward Primary children cleaned the baseboards of their Church building. They learned that doing service is fun and feels great!

Primary children of the Gerona Ward, Paniqui Philippines Stake, enjoyed doing their sacrament meeting Primary program.

My Gospel Poem

G is for God, who loves, guides, and cares.

O is for obstacles—get through them with prayers.

S is for scriptures—read them every day!

P is for prophets who show us the way.

E is for eternal, a family can be.

L is for love through eternity.

Abbie S., age 11, Idaho, USA

I was jumping on the trampoline, and my mum called me to come for dinner. I kept jumping, and about 10 minutes later I felt that I really should go inside. Just after I got off the trampoline, a car crashed through the fence into the trampoline! I’m glad that I listened to the Holy Ghost, who protected me from being seriously hurt.

Seanna C., age 10, Victoria, Australia

Playing sports is really fun for me, and it helps me be healthy and be in shape for when I am a missionary! My mom helped me get into basketball, and my cousin taught me how to play. I love my family, and I’m very protective of all of them.

David W., age 11, Georgia, USA

The missionaries asked me to think of a creative way I could share the gospel. I decided to carve a CTR shield in my pumpkin so everyone could see it when they came to my door.

Drake A., age 7, South Carolina, USA

My extended family has Muslims, Catholics, and other Christians. I can teach all of them about the gospel by inviting them to my baptism.

Melina Z., age 7, California, USA

I like to play my cello at my local nursing home. It makes the people who live there so happy. That makes me want to practice even more.

Moroni L., age 10, Idaho, USA

Standing Tall Footprints

I stood up for my little buddy when a kid in my class was being mean to him.

Spenser M., age 9, British Columbia, Canada

I will stand tall by doing what’s right.

Gwen B., age 10, California, USA

When my friend broke my favorite toy, I didn’t get mad at her. I was kind and forgave her.

Norah M., age 3, British Columbia, Canada

I can be like Jesus by taking the sacrament to remember Him and Heavenly Father.

Bethany J., age 5, Victoria, Australia

I stood tall when my friends took the Savior’s name in vain but I did not.

Dean A., age 6, Massachusetts, USA

I will stand tall by reading things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father.

Liam H., age 9, Wisconsin, USA

I can forgive my brother when he forgets to be nice to me.

Ainsley A., age 4, Massachusetts, USA

I can be like Jesus by being kind to others.

Jeremy J., age 3, Victoria, Australia