A Story about Story

“A Story about Story,” Friend, October 2016, 14–15

Friends Who Stand Tall

A Story about Story

Friend Magazine, 2016/10 Oct

Hi! My name is Story.

I lived in Turkmenistan. That’s a country in Central Asia. I like to read, draw, and sew. I like stargazing with my dad. My family and I were the only members of the Church in the whole country!

Learning from Each Other

My sister, Sariah, and I went to a school with kids from many countries. We loved to learn from each other and have fun.

Crafts and Fun

Sariah and I invited our friends over to play. We painted, made crafts, and had picnics. For Christmas we acted out the Nativity with our neighborhood friends.

Praying for Missy

My friend’s cat, Missy, was missing. We looked all over, but we couldn’t find her. I said that we could pray. My friends weren’t sure how, so I showed them. We knelt down and each said our own prayer. Then we got up and started looking again. A girl ran over to us and said she found Missy! I was glad that I shared part of the gospel with my friends.

Church at Home

Because we were the only Church members, we had church at our house. We had sacrament meeting, singing time, sharing time, and Primary lessons. I played the piano for singing time.