Get Moving!

“Get Moving!” Friend, Jun. 2015, 24–25

Get Moving!

Get Moving!

My body is a special gift from Heavenly Father to me;

With lots of parts that bend and bounce and run and laugh and see.

From the top of my head to the ends of my toes, I’m happy as can be—

’Cause Heavenly Father made me just right—I’m the very best one to be me!

(“About Me,” by Wendy Simmerman)

Three-Legged Race

Stand next to a friend. Tie your middle two legs together. Race others, or see how far you can run without falling!

Water-Balloon Volleyball

Ask a parent before you play this game. Hold a towel with a friend, and launch a water balloon over a net. Two people on the other side try to catch the water balloon with their towel. Be ready to get wet!

Balloon Bop

Divide into two teams, with each team standing or sitting in a circle. Each team tries to keep a balloon afloat by tapping it—no throwing or catching allowed. Each time the balloon hits the ground, that team gets a point. The team with the least points is the winner. Add more balloons the next round!

Flashlight Tag

Play this game in the dark. The person who’s “it” holds a flashlight and tags others by shining the light on them.

Ride the Line

Use a piece of sidewalk chalk to draw a really long chalk line (a little wider than your bike’s tire) on the sidewalk or driveway. Get on your bike and try to keep both wheels on the line at all times.

Hot Lava

Pretend you are escaping from an erupting volcano! Scatter pieces of paper or towels across the grass. Try jumping from paper to paper, making sure not to touch the grass. See who can cross the grass first.