Puppies and Bottle Caps

“Puppies and Bottle Caps,” Friend, Jun. 2015, 14–15

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Puppies and Bottle Caps

Puppies and Bottle Caps

Hi, I’m Ashton! I belong to a service club for kids. I’m the community service coordinator. That means I get to help our adult leaders plan service for the kids in my club to do. I love doing nice things for others!

Visiting the Puppies

We went to visit the dogs at the animal shelter. We got to walk some of the dogs with adult supervision. And we gave the dogs our homemade dog biscuits!

Baking Service

Several times a year, we have a bake sale to raise money for special causes. Once we raised enough to buy transport wagons for a children’s hospital.

Collecting for Service

The kids in our club like to collect things! We collected bottle caps to earn money for a place that researches cures for childhood cancer. And we collected pull-tabs from soda-pop cans to make money for a charity organization.

Ashton’s Tip

Heavenly Father wants us to serve and be kind to others. It will also help you be a better grown-up someday!

Serving and Learning

I like spending some of my free time visiting people who are sick or lonely. It makes their day happier to have someone visit them. When I’m helping people, I learn more about them and more about myself. It’s taught me how to be around people who are different from me.

How You Can Help

  • Find out about things you can collect for people who need them or to turn in to earn cash for good causes.

  • Think small. Service doesn’t have to be a big, planned thing. It can be as simple as bringing a potted plant to a nursing home so someone can enjoy it.

  • Don’t forget your own family and friends. The people right around you can use your help.