When I Grow Up … I Want to Be a Graphic Designer

“When I Grow Up … I Want to Be a Graphic Designer,” Friend, Jun. 2015, 30

When I Grow Up …

I Want to Be a Graphic Designer

My name is Cameron King, and I’m a graphic designer.

When I Grow Up … I Want to Be a Graphic Designer

What is a graphic designer?

A graphic designer works with images and words. When you go to a website, look at the back of a cereal box, or read the Friend, the pictures and illustrations you see are created by graphic designers. Our designs tell stories.

Why did you want to be a graphic designer?

My dad was a designer. I loved watching him work. He taught me how to draw and how to use layout programs on the computer. (“Layout” means the way words and pictures are arranged on a page.) I liked creating things so much that I practiced on my own after school. Then, when I went to college, I took classes like art, computer design, and layout to help me be a good graphic designer.

What do you do when you go to work?

I create advertisements and websites. I work with other creative people who like doing the same things I like to do. We share ideas and listen to music all day while we work.

How does your job help you serve others?

Our company tries to make sure that what we create is beautiful so people are happy when they see or use it. When I’m making something beautiful, I think of Jesus creating the world. He made beautiful things like trees and sunsets so that we will feel good when we see those things. When I make things that make other people feel happy, I believe it makes Heavenly Father and Jesus happy too.