Funstuff: We Believe

“Funstuff: We Believe,” Friend, Jun. 2015, 23


We Believe

Funstuff: We Believe

Test your smarts on the Articles of Faith. Fill in the blanks below with the article of faith number that matches the clue. Then use the letters with each clue to complete the sentence at the bottom. Check your answer on page 48.

This article talks about …

  • The gathering of Israel and restoration of the ten tribes ___ (T)

  • Basic principles and ordinances of the gospel ___ (S)

  • Obeying the laws of the land ___ (E)

  • The gifts of the Spirit ___ (P)

  • Being responsible for our actions ___ (F)

  • The freedom to worship ___ (C)

  • Seeking virtuous things ___ (O)

  • Believing in God’s revelations ___ (I)

  • The Godhead ___ (R)

  • How Christ organized His church ___ (A)

  • How mankind can be saved ___ (P)

  • How priesthood keys are given ___ (U)

  • Believing in the word of God ___ (O)