The Funny-Face Fix

“The Funny-Face Fix,” Friend, Jun. 2015, 32–33

The Funny-Face Fix

Uh-oh! Ellie wouldn’t stop crying.

The Funny-Face Fix

Ben and his baby sister Ellie were all ready for church. Ellie sat on the floor with some toys. Ben looked at a book. Mommy was in Grace’s bedroom helping her get ready.

Then Ellie started to cry.

“Ben, can you help Ellie?” Mommy called.

“I’ll try,” Ben called back.

Ben looked at Ellie crying. How could he help her feel better?

“Look, Ellie. It’s your favorite teddy bear.” Ben gave the teddy bear to Ellie. But she kept crying.

“Ellie, here’s your ball.” He gave her a little red ball. But she pushed it away. Now she was crying even louder. She did not want her toys. What could Ben do?

“Look at me, Ellie!” Ben put his thumbs in his ears and wiggled his fingers.

Ellie looked at Ben making a funny face. She stopped crying!

“Watch this, Ellie!” Ben stuck out his tongue and wiggled his head. Ellie smiled. She started to giggle.

Ben made another silly face. Ellie was laughing!

“Thank you so much for helping,” Mommy said when everyone was ready for church. She gave Ben a big hug.

“I like it when Ellie is happy,” Ben said with a smile.