Dear Parents and Teachers

“Dear Parents and Teachers,” Friend, Jun. 2015, back cover

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Dear Parents and Teachers

Many countries celebrate Father’s Day in June, and while it’s a fun time for some children, it can be a tough holiday for others. In the story on page 8, Steven learns that he can focus on the father he wants to become, rather than just feeling sad about the absence of his earthly father. There’s also an activity on page 10 to help kids envision the kinds of parents they want to be. And let’s make sure all children know they have loving Heavenly Parents!

Happy Father’s Day,

The Friend

Primary Connection

Look for the colored diamonds on the table of contents to find stories and activities support Primary this month!

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Family Home Evening Ideas

Building a Testimony: Read “Mia’s Testimony” on page 4. Then use the building blocks on page 6 to talk about testimony. Finish off the night by making a peach and berry cobbler (page 6). Yum!

The Holy Ghost: Sing or play “The Holy Ghost” (page 31). Then read about Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr.’s testimony on page 28. How did the Holy Ghost help Elder Curtis? How has He helped you? Write or draw about it using the questions on page 29.

Bodies are Gifts: Read about one girl’s choice to stop eating candy (page 46). What can you do to take better care of your body? Get moving with the games on page 24. You can also find Jackson’s “One in a Million” video at Jackson is grateful for his body despite his eye problems.

Scripture Study: Read “The Good Shepherd” on page 40 to learn about the Savior’s parables. Then sing the song, read the scriptures, and watch the video listed on the page. The activity and scripture tip could be great for family night (page 41).