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“Bulletin Board,” Friend, Jun. 2015, 17

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Stand Tall!

How can you strengthen your family?

Give Us a Hand!

So far you’ve sent us 7621 stories about caring and helping! Go to page 48 to find out how to send us your “helping hand.”

I clean up my playroom and help with the dishes.

Carter A., age 5, Georgia, USA

Pass It On!

Stand in a circle with your friends. The person with a ball says a nice thing about someone in the circle, then tosses the ball to them. That person says something nice about another person in the circle and passes the ball along.

Idea: For Father’s Day, have your dad or grandpa sit in the middle of the circle. Take turns passing the ball and saying nice things all about him!

Constellation Challenge

Constellations are groups of stars that make pictures in the night sky. Make your own constellations by drawing the stars you see and then connecting them into different shapes. See the examples above.

The best night for stargazing this month is June 16. It will be extra dark because there will a “new moon,” which means the moon won’t be visible.