Jesus Heals a Leper

    “Jesus Heals a Leper,” Friend, Apr. 2015, 40–41

    Scripture Time

    Jesus Heals a Leper

    Learn about the New Testament together this year!

    Jesus Heals a Leper

    Think about a time when you were sick. Did someone do something kind to help you feel better?

    In the New Testament we read about how Jesus showed kindness to people who were sick. One day a man with a painful skin disease called leprosy went to Jesus. He knew that Jesus had the power to heal everyone who was sick. He believed that Jesus could heal him. Jesus touched the leper and said, “Be thou clean” (Mark 1:41). As soon as Jesus had spoken, the man was healed.

    We can follow in Jesus’s footsteps by being kind and loving to others who are sick or sad.

    Following in Jesus’s Footsteps

    With your family, role-play how you could show love for others in these situations. Make up some of your own situations!

    • A new family has moved into your neighborhood.

    • Some children are being mean to another child at school.

    • A visitor who doesn’t know anyone at church comes to Primary.

    • Your younger brother or sister has no one to play with.

    • The baby is crying, and your mother is trying to make dinner.

    • A person in your ward or branch is sick and can’t leave the house.