Bulletin Board

    “Bulletin Board,” Friend, Apr. 2015, 17

    Bulletin Board

    Bulletin Board

    Sandwich Bites

    Spread cucumber slices with cream cheese. Add ham, turkey, or other toppings in between!

    Stand Tall

    “I will use the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ reverently. I will not swear or use crude words.”

    —My Gospel Standards

    How do you keep your words clean and kind?

    Give Us a Hand

    So far, you’ve sent us 2562 stories about caring and helping! Go to page 48 to find out how to send us your “helping handprint”!

    I brought in my neighbor’s mail.

    Leo L., age 8, Utah, USA

    Chalk Creations!

    Ask an adult if you can draw on your sidewalk, or draw on pieces of paper taped together.

    • Masterpieces: Draw a big copy of a picture from the Friend. It’s a great way to be a missionary!

    • Shadow Match: Find five objects and trace their shadows. Then have a friend match the objects and shapes.

    • Big Board Game: Draw a huge game board and move around it as your own game piece!

    For Easter, Landon H., age 10, Utah, USA, drew a chalk picture of the cover of the April 2013 Ensign. What Easter picture could you draw?