I Know That Jesus Loves Me

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“I Know That Jesus Loves Me,” Friend, Apr. 2015, 36–39

For Little Friends

I Know That Jesus Loves Me

Friend Magazine, 2015/04 Apr

Laney was trying very hard to be reverent in church. But she was tired, and her legs felt wiggly.

After the sacrament was over, Laney opened her book about Jesus. She found the picture of Jesus with the little children. It made her feel peaceful and happy inside.

After sacrament meeting was over, Laney asked Mommy, “Why is it easier to be reverent when I look at my book about Jesus?”

“I think it’s because it reminds you how much Jesus loves you,” Mommy said.

Laney smiled. “Do you think Jesus knows that I love Him too?” she asked.

Mommy gave Laney a hug. “Yes, I’m sure He does.”