Friends of All Ages
April 2015

“Friends of All Ages,” Friend, Apr. 2015, 14–15

Friends Who Care

Friends of All Ages

Friends of All Ages

Hi, I’m Tyler! Ever since I was little, my family has always helped our elderly neighbors. I think of them as my good friends. It makes me feel good to help them because I know it’s what the Savior would do if He were here.

Saving a Life

Years ago my family made friends with an elderly lady named Yvonne. One day, she got really sick and my family called 911. It saved her life!

Sharing Dinner

For the past five years, my family has helped our friend Wanda, who lives next door. She is 93 years old! Every Sunday, my family takes dinner to her. When she fell down and got hurt last year, we took dinner to her every night.

12 Days of Christmas

One year we did the 12 Days of Christmas for Wanda. Every night for 12 days, we dropped off a gift on Wanda’s porch. It was fun to sneak up, ring the doorbell, and then run away before she could catch us!

Sing a Song of Gladness

When it got closer to Christmas Day, we went over as a family and sang carols with Wanda. Afterward we drank hot chocolate and ate cookies. It was a fun night!

Service Makes Me Happy

I think everyone should serve. Service helps others and makes us feel grateful for our blessings.

How You Can Help

  • Think about the elderly people you know. What can you do to help them?

  • Make a card and go with an adult to take it to an elderly person in your ward or neighborhood.

  • See if your family or Primary class can go sing at a care center.