When I Grow Up … I Want to Be a Pediatric Transport Nurse

    “When I Grow Up … I Want to Be a Pediatric Transport Nurse,” Friend, Apr. 2015, 16

    When I Grow Up …

    I Want to Be a Pediatric Transport Nurse

    My name is Lori McBride, and I’m a pediatric transport nurse.

    When I Grow Up … I Want to Be a Pediatric Transport Nurse

    What is a pediatric transport nurse?

    Pediatric transport nurses travel in helicopters, airplanes, or ambulances to bring children to hospitals when they need medical attention quickly. We can land our helicopter right where a child is to help and comfort them until we can bring them to the hospital. We can land near their homes, on roads and highways, or even on mountainsides!

    Many times children must go to a special hospital that has doctors trained especially to make them better. When that happens we can take children right to the doctor and hospital that can give them the best care.

    What do you enjoy most about your job?

    I love taking care of children and seeing them happy and healthy. When children get sick or hurt far away from a hospital, I can do something to help them get better.

    What did you have to learn to do this job?

    I wanted to be the best nurse I could be. I studied at a university and got a special degree in nursing. I spent many years learning important skills to care for children.

    As I studied nursing, I realized that Heavenly Father created our bodies. And He gave doctors and nurses the talents to help patients get better.

    How does your job help you serve others?

    When I work with children, I feel close to my Heavenly Father. I know that when I share my talents and skills, I’m following Heavenly Father’s plan for me.

    Sometimes doctors and nurses see sad things in their work. I know when we come to earth, we sometimes must go through difficult times. But I am happy because I know Heavenly Father loves each of us very much. Being a nurse helps me share comfort, love, healing, and hope with my patients and their families.