Dear Parents and Teachers

    “Dear Parents and Teachers,” Friend, Apr. 2015, back cover

    Dear Parents and Teachers,

    Dear Parents and Teachers

    “Kindness begins with me” is a motto we can help children adopt. Read about how wonderful it is to be kind—to our family members (pages 4 and 8), neighbors (page 14), classmates (pages 18 and 32), and even to ourselves (page 46). You could make a kindness wall in your home this month (page 6) and talk about how Jesus set the greatest example of kindness (page 40).

    Thanks for your kindness!

    The Friend

    Primary Connection

    Look for the colored diamonds on the table of contents to find stories and activities support Primary this month!

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    Family Home Evening Ideas

    Plan of Salvation: Read President Uchtdorf’s message and play the “Plan of Happiness Scramble” (page 2). How can the plan act like a map to guide us?

    Ready for Conference: Read Elder Nelson’s message and story about being obedient (page 20). Talk about how your family can obey what’s taught in general conference. Go to page 10 for an activity to help you listen during conference. Find more activities at

    Family History Mystery: Discover your family history using ideas on page 22. If you haven’t started a “sleuth file” for your family pictures and notes, start now by going to for printouts.

    New Testament: Learn about Jesus Christ and His example. Role-play the situations on page 41 and make plans to serve someone. Try to keep your service a secret!