Poem: We’re All Different
Sep. 2014

“Poem: We’re All Different,” Friend, Sep. 2014, 27

We’re All Different

Some kids are short, and others are tall.

Some have lots of freckles and some not at all.

Some ride in wheelchairs because they can’t walk.

Others sound different from me when they talk.

Some kids wear clothes with a funny design

And have faces a lot different from mine.

Some kids are skinny and others more round.

When I think about Jesus, here’s what I’ve found:

He loves every child. He just doesn’t mind

What they look like or talk like. He’s still just as kind.

I want to be like Him. He’d never make fun

Of a child who looks different or can’t walk or run.

So when I see children who aren’t just like me,

I’ll think about Jesus, and like Him I’ll be.

I might feel a bit shy, but I know what to do.

I’ll be friends with them all—and I bet you will too!

Friend Magazine, 2014/09 Sep

Illustration by Katie McDee