The Book with the Yellow Cover
Sep. 2014

“The Book with the Yellow Cover,” Friend, Sep. 2014, 36–37

The Book with the Yellow Cover

The author lives in Bolivia.

Randol lived in Bolivia. He loved going to school, and he took good care of his schoolbooks. His favorite book had a yellow cover and interesting drawings.

One day Randol could not find his yellow book. His mom and dad helped him look, but they still could not find it.

Randol was very sad. “Let’s pray,” Randol’s father said. “We’ll ask Heavenly Father to help us.”

After the prayer Randol’s father had an idea.“Let’s talk to your uncle,” he said. “Maybe his children used the same book and they will let you borrow it.”

This will be the answer to our prayer, Randol thought.

Randol’s family went to his uncle’s store. They asked him about the yellow book. Uncle said his children had never used that book.

Now Randol was confused. Wasn’t Heavenly Father going to answer their prayer?

Just then, some men came into Uncle’s store selling books. They had the book with a yellow cover!

Randol’s father bought the book. Randol thanked Heavenly Father for answering his prayer.

The Book with the Yellow Cover

Illustrations by Bryan Beach