Question Corner: Bothersome Brother
Sep. 2014

“Question Corner: Bothersome Brother,” Friend, Sep. 2014, 46

Question Corner

My little brother wants to go everywhere with me. How can I handle this?

I pray and ask Heavenly Father to help me be patient with my little sister. I play with her most of the day, but I do reserve a little personal time, when I write in my journal or do other things I like to do. These things help me be a better sister and friend.

Dacia C., age 8, Tennessee, USA

I would let him go with me to the places he can go. Then I would tell him why he can’t go some places with me. If I still have trouble, I would pray.

Lauren W., age 8, Missouri, USA

It may seem hard at times, but try to set a good example by spending time with him. When I spend even a little time with my brother, it makes him happy. It makes me happy too.

Taylor M., age 10, Idaho, USA

We both have little brothers who do this. We each try to invite our brother to come along. Sometimes it turns out fun to have him along.

Martin F. and Jacob K., both age 7, Montana, USA

Remember he is a child of God too. You could play with him, and then ask him politely to do something else.

Allison G., age 9, Utah, USA

I have two little brothers that like to follow me. When they follow me I think to myself, I love my brothers, and I’m so grateful I have brothers. Then I play what they want to play so we can make good memories.

Holly C., age 10, Washington, USA

I’m the oldest of five boys in my family. Here’s my advice. If they’re trying to annoy you, ignore them and then they will stop. If they just want to be around you, play with them for a few minutes and then you can go and do your own thing. I know that Heavenly Father is happy when we are nice to our younger brothers.

Jack C., age 10, Colorado, USA

Friend Magazine, 2014/09 Sep

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