Following Jesus: Be a Peacemaker
Sep. 2014

“Following Jesus: Be a Peacemaker,” Friend, Sep. 2014, 30

Following Jesus

Be a Peacemaker

What Jesus Taught

Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God” (Matthew 5:9).

Following Jesus Today

A boy in my class has autism. He is a nice boy who tries really hard to learn. At break time another girl said, “Let’s tease him.” A thought in my mind said, No, don’t tease him. I told the girl, “No.” Then she decided not to tease him either. I know the Spirit prompted me to not tease him because he’s a child of God too.

Lauren B., age 6, Minnesota, USA

One Sunday my little sister drank my brother’s juice, so my brother was mad at her. I decided to share my juice with my brother and sister. I knew it would make them happy. It did! I felt very, very good inside. I knew I was choosing the right.

Andrew D., age 6, Utah, USA

This Month’s Challenges

  • If someone says something unkind, say something kind back.

  • If someone disagrees with you, listen to his or her ideas.

  • Be the first to forgive.

  • I challenge myself to …

Following Jesus: Be a Peacemaker

Top: illustration by Bryan Beach