Show and Tell
Sep. 2014

“Show and Tell,” Friend, Sep. 2014, 38–39

Show and Tell

Jorden H., age 7, Washington, USA, went with his sister, Cadence, age 6, to the Boise Idaho Temple open house. Cadence felt the Spirit, and Jorden thought the celestial room was “the beautiful-est thing” he saw in the temple.

The children of the Pocatello Highland 8th Ward, Idaho, USA, built this temple with CTR blocks. Each block represents a “choose the right” moment and has the child’s name on it. It takes 188 blocks to make a temple. They built four CTR temples in 2012.

As part of their stake Primary activity, the girls of Salt Lake Grant Stake, Utah, USA, decided to focus on the spirit of the temple even though they’re too young to go inside. They built the Salt Lake Temple out of sugar cubes and displayed it in their stake center during the Brigham City Temple dedication.

CJ and Rian K., ages 8 and 11, Georgia, USA, built a model of the Washington DC Temple during general conference.

When I was sealed to my family, it was a big day because my family had been preparing for a long time. When I walked into the sealing room, I was dressed in white and carrying my baby brother. I immediately felt the Spirit and realized how sacred this event was. I know that we can be together forever.

Tyler C., age 12, California, USA

This year for general conference my mom took us to the temple between sessions. I quickly went up to the temple and looked in the window by the door. I was surprised to see myself inside. “I can see myself in the temple!” I told my mom. The temple is a very beautiful place. I feel the Holy Ghost there. I like seeing myself inside the temple.

Lilyanne P., age 7, Colorado, USA

I was five when I went to the temple to be sealed to my parents. How beautiful the temple is!

Ashley M., age 8, California, USA

I went to the Calgary Temple open house. It was a very cold day, but I was excited. I thought I would see Jesus inside, but even though I didn’t, I know He was nearby. All temples are Heavenly Father and Jesus’s special houses. I love to see the temples, and I want to go inside again someday!

Carter P., age 4, Alberta, Canada

Our family builds temples out of blocks as a Sabbath-day activity. Building the temples of the world has become a strength for our family and helps us “stand in holy places.” This is a model of the Draper Utah Temple in front of the real temple!

Shawn, Cara, and Ryan W., ages 13, 10, and 8, Utah, USA

Friend Magazine, 2014/09 Sep

Henri H., age 7, California, USA

Gisselle M., age 9, California, USA

Samantha C., age 7, Utah, USA