Dear Parents and Teachers
Sep. 2014

“Dear Parents and Teachers,” Friend, Sep. 2014, back cover

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Did you know there’s a ready-to-go family home evening plan in every Friend? Just look for Family Fun Time on page 6 of each issue. The page includes an activity, a simple recipe, and discussion ideas that you can adapt for your family’s needs. This month’s Family Fun Time is about preparing to enter the temple. There’s also a recipe for yummy apple cake!

Happy family night,

The Friend

Family Home Evening Ideas

Family Fun Time: Talk with your family about preparing for the temple. Read “Michelle’s Birthday Wish” (page 4), about one girl’s temple recommend interview. Then do the temple puzzle activity on page 6 and make the recipe.

Bringing Primary Home: You can learn about this month’s Primary sharing time theme on page 42. You’ll find a short lesson, a scripture, and ideas for talking with your children.

General Conference Prep: Get your family excited to learn from general conference by reading “Conference Answers” (page 22). Then have fun memorizing the names and faces of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles with the flashcards on page 23.

Heavenly Father’s Love: Read President Uchtdorf’s message (page 2). Then turn to page 7 and talk about ways your family can feel God’s love. For more resources on this topic, visit lds.org/go/FRFeelGodsLove. Watch a video of people all over the world singing “I Am a Child of God” at friend.lds.org.

Dear Parents and Teachers