Following Jesus: Be Honest

    “Following Jesus: Be Honest,” Friend, Aug. 2014, 20

    Following Jesus

    Be Honest

    Following Jesus: Be Honest

    What Jesus Taught

    Jesus said that we should have an “honest and good heart” in keeping God’s commandments (see Luke 8:15). When we have an honest heart, we will tell the truth, even when it is hard. We will also keep the promises we make to God and to other people.

    Following Jesus Today

    I usually get 100 percent on my spelling tests. One day our spelling words included the days of the week. When I took the test, I saw the calendar on the wall. I chose not to look at it because that is cheating. I was happy that I was honest, even though I didn’t get 100 percent that day.

    Victoria F., age 7, Arizona, USA

    When I was nine, my friends and I threw rocks at a wasp nest at school. My rock hit a window, and it broke! We all started running away, but I heard the Spirit tell me to go back and tell someone. I was really scared, but I went back to tell the people in the office what I had done. I felt good that I told the truth even when it was really hard.

    Josh B., age 13, Utah, USA

    This Month’s Challenges:

    • Don’t cheat on schoolwork, even if other people are.

    • Do your chores without being reminded.

    • Keep your promise to help or play with a brother, sister, or friend.

    • I challenge myself to …