Boredom Busters
August 2014

“Boredom Busters,” Friend, Aug. 2014, 24–25

Boredom Busters!

Think you can do all 34 things?

Boredom Busters

12 Things to Do with a Cardboard Box

  1. Build Lehi’s ship.

  2. Flatten a box into a sled for dry, grassy hills.

  3. Create a castle.

  4. Make a home for a pet. If it’s for a cat, try hanging streamers from the ceiling!

  5. Use it to store photos and journals.

  6. Design a robot. Cover it in tinfoil and cut holes for your head and arms.

  7. Set up a lemonade stand.

  8. Decorate it as a dollhouse.

  9. Make it into a time machine for time-travel adventures.

  10. Tape big boxes together to form a crawl-through maze.

  11. Build a box city. Each box is a building.

  12. Tape flattened boxes to the floor and skate around in your socks.

5 Places to Visit

  1. a city park

  2. a museum

  3. the library

  4. a family history center

  5. a fire station

7 Items to Put in a Care Package

  1. Homemade goodies

  2. Photos and drawings

  3. Small holiday decorations

  4. A copy of the Book of Mormon or a Church magazine

  5. A leaf from your backyard

  6. A package of gum

  7. A small toy, like a card game or a yo-yo

10 Things to Do at the Park

  1. Have a picnic.

  2. Set up a silly race, like an obstacle course or egg-carrying race.

  3. Plan a scavenger hunt.

  4. Play Team Tag. The person who is “it” joins hands with each person he or she tags. Before long you’ll have a chain of people trying to tag the rest. The game ends when the team catches the last runner.

  5. Play Hide-and-Seek.

  6. Play Beanbag Horseshoes. Place a Hula-Hoop on the ground and take turns trying to toss beanbags or tennis balls into the Hula-Hoop. You get three points if your bag or ball lands inside the hoop and one point if it touches the outside of the hoop.

  7. Play catch with a beach ball and towels. Two people hold one towel together and use it to throw and catch the beach ball with another team.

  8. Cool off on a hot day with a game of Duck Duck Splash! This game is like Duck Duck Goose, except with a wet sponge. Walk in a circle around the other players and tap each head lightly with the sponge. Then, to pick the “goose,” squeeze the sponge over the goose’s head! Keep a bucket of water handy.

  9. Make some huge bubbles. Have an adult bend a wire coat hanger into a circle. Then dip it in bubble soap (6 cups water + 1 cup dish soap + 1/4 cup corn syrup) and wave your wand to let the fun fly.

  10. Hold a paper airplane–flying contest. You can compete by throwing for distance or accuracy. Or just fly them for fun!