Family Camp-In

    “Family Camp-In,” Friend, Aug. 2014, 28

    Family Camp-In

    No rain, no bugs, just fun.

    Family Camp-In

    Camping inside your home has a lot of perks. You can camp any time of year, and there are no bugs. You don’t even need to own a tent! Here are a few tips to help you plan a fun camp-in.

    Getting Ready

    • Set up a real tent, or make a tent by draping blankets or sheets over chairs or a table.

    • Create an outdoorsy feel with plants or pictures of beautiful scenery.

    • Gather pillows and blankets or sleeping bags.

    Camp Food

    • With a parent’s help, cook foil dinners in the oven. You might also pack trail mix or fruit roll-ups.

    • For dessert you can make s’mores (graham crackers + marshmallows + chocolate) in the oven or microwave. Look for other fun recipes at

    Fun Time

    • Play board games or guessing games by flashlight.

    • Tell stories or read a book—by flashlight, of course.

    • Sing Primary songs for the perfect final activity before praying together and going to sleep for the night.