I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
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“I Hope They Call Me on a Mission,” Friend, Aug. 2014, 29

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

Be better prepared for tomorrow by learning these skills today.

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

Manners Matter

Good manners are about treating others well. We treat others as Jesus would if He were here. We should have good manners all the time!

Here are some ways you can practice good manners now:

  • At meals. Different cultures have different rules during meals. Try to learn what is best by watching how others eat and doing what they do. Never say bad things about the food that is shared with you, and try new foods even if they look strange. The most important part of any meal is the people you share the meal with, not the food itself.

  • While talking. When you meet someone new, make sure to introduce yourself (see “Meet and Greet with Confidence” in the May 2013 Friend). If you are in a group, take time to introduce everyone to each other. Don’t interrupt others, and listen to what they say instead of just thinking about what you will say next. Don’t talk about things that make others feel left out. Use “please” and “thank you.”

  • Wherever you go. Look for ways to be kind to those around you. For example, when you walk through a door, hold it open for those walking behind you. If you are riding a bus and there aren’t enough seats, offer your seat to someone and stand instead. Even just smiling at people as you walk by can help them feel happy!

Hello readers,

It’s especially important for missionaries to have good manners, because we represent Jesus Christ and the Church all the time—even while eating or talking to a stranger! I like what President Wilford Woodruff once said: “Kind words and good manners will cost you nothing and will add greatly to the happiness of those around you.”*


Elder Etiquette

  • Quoted in “Good Manners Still Make Sense,” New Era, Aug. 2011, 32.