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    Fun Facts about Tonga

    On pages 14–15, Kaloni tells about life in Tonga. Check out these fun facts about the friendly island kingdom!

    • Tonga is ruled by a king.

    • Rugby is the national sport.

    • Dressing modestly is important in Tongan culture.

    • Tonga has two seasons—a wet season from December to April and a dry season from May to November.

    “I am a child of God” in Tongan:

    Ko e fānau au ʻa e ʻOtua

    Pronunciation: coy fah-now ow eye oh-TU-uh


    ‘Otai is a fruit drink that Kaloni’s family sells at the farmers’ market every Saturday to earn money for her mission fund.

    1 cup watermelon, cut into cubes, with black seeds removed

    1 cup mango, cut into cubes

    1 cup crushed pineapple

    1 cup shredded coconut

    1/4 cup sugar

    1 cup milk or coconut milk

    Blend all of the ingredients until smooth. Chill the drink in the refrigerator. When you’re ready to share your treat, add ice cubes and enjoy! Be sure to get an adult’s help.

    What If …

    A friend who isn’t a member of the Church asks you why families are important. What would you say?

    Family History: I Am Doing It!

    Pedigree charts and fan charts are two good ways to keep track of information about your ancestors. A pedigree chart uses lines and boxes to represent you and your ancestors. With a fan chart, the circle grows larger with each generation of ancestors. Ask your parents to help you fill out as much of this fan chart as you can. Then go to FamilySearch.org to see what’s been posted about your family tree!