Dear Parents and Teachers

    “Dear Parents and Teachers,” Friend, Aug. 2014, back cover

    Dear Parents and Teachers,

    Dear Parents and Teachers

    This magazine has a special section that’s all about having fun! Pages 21–28 include boredom-busting ideas that kids could do on their own or as a family. Whether you make a puppet-show stage, have a family camp-in, or come up with another creative idea, we would love to see pictures of your adventures. Wholesome recreation is so important!

    Have fun,

    The Friend

    Family Home Evening Ideas

    Wholesome Activities: You can learn about this month’s Primary sharing time theme on page 42. You’ll find a short lesson, a scripture, and ideas for talking with your children.

    Helping Each Other: Read “The Extra Half-Mile” (page 4) and have each person in your family share something they can do to help another member of the family. Then help each other make the delicious recipes on page 6.

    Family History Fun: Explore your family history by filling out the fan chart on page 17. Talk about why we do family history work. Then visit to see what’s been posted about your family tree.

    Closer to the Savior: Read “Abide with Me” (page 2) and talk about why we need the Savior. Do the activities on page 3, and then make your own list of ways you can feel closer to the Savior.