Funstuff: Stories from the Book of Mormon
April 2014

“Funstuff: Stories from the Book of Mormon,” Friend, Apr. 2014, 10


Stories from the Book of Mormon

Funstuff, Stories from the Book of Mormon

How well do you know the stories from the Book of Mormon? Look up the scripture clues to solve the puzzle. Check your answers below.


  1. When this prophet was young, he tried to lead others away from the Church. Then an angel appeared to him, and he was converted to the gospel (see Mosiah 27:8–24).

  2. This righteous king built a tower to speak to his people before he died (see Mosiah 2).

  3. He was a Nephite military leader for most of his life, beginning at age 15 (see Mormon 2, chapter heading).

  4. He defended King Lamoni’s flocks from robbers (see Alma 17:26–39).

  5. This righteous father led his family from Jerusalem before it was destroyed (see 1 Nephi 1:4–5).


  1. This Book of Mormon prophet appeared as an angel to Joseph Smith and told him about a book written on gold plates (see Joseph Smith—History 1:33–34).

  2. He testified boldly to the wicked King Noah and his priests (see Mosiah 11:20–25).

  3. He stood on a wall and could not be hit with stones or arrows (see Helaman 16).

  4. This man welcomed the prophet Alma into his home and later became his missionary companion (see Alma 8:21–27).

  5. This prophet said, “I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded” (see 1 Nephi 3:7).

  • Answers: Across: Alma, Benjamin, Mormon, Ammon, Lehi; Down: Moroni, Abinadi, Samuel, Amulek, Nephi