The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy
April 2014

“The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy,” Friend, Apr. 2014, 41

The New Adventures of Matt & Mandy

Matt and Mandy

Mandy’s giving the lesson at the Cooper family home evening.

… so if we listen, the Spirit can tell us if we’re doing something wrong and need to repent.

After the lesson …

Good lesson on repentance, Mandy.

Hey, I heard about a great new ice cream shop. Let’s go there for our treat. I don’t know that neighborhood very well, but the GPS I got for Christmas should get us there.


Turn left onto Jackson Street.

I think I know this area after all. If we go past Jackson a couple more streets and then turn, we can avoid some traffic lights.


Turn around and proceed to Jackson Street. Then turn right.

Guess I should have listened to that little voice the first time. Well, I’ve listened now, and I can get back on the right track.

Thanks, Dad. You just acted out my repentance lesson!