Quiz: A Friend in Me
April 2014

“Quiz: A Friend in Me,” Friend, Apr. 2014, 19

A Friend in Me

quiz, A Friend in Me

The Savior was a perfect example of looking out for others and being their friend. Take this quiz to see how you are doing at including others.

  1. You go into the lunchroom at school and look around to decide where to sit. You

  1. ask someone who’s sitting alone if you can sit by him or her.

  2. find somewhere to sit by yourself.

  3. walk straight to where you always sit with your friends.

  1. At home, your mom suggests you invite over some friends. You

  1. invite someone new you met at school.

  2. read a book or play a computer game instead. It’s too hard to invite someone over.

  3. quickly call your two best friends and invite them over.

  1. It’s recess and people are making teams to play soccer. You

  1. look around to see who isn’t on a team and call them over to play.

  2. wait for someone to invite you to join their team.

  3. gather your friends together to be a team.

  1. You see a new boy at church. You

  1. say hello and sit down by him in class.

  2. smile as you walk into class but sit a couple of seats away.

  3. sit by your best friend.

  1. Your little brother or sister wants to play with you. You

  1. sit down and play a game with him or her.

  2. say, “Maybe later.” You have something you want to finish first.

  3. walk across the street to see if your friend wants to ride bikes.