My Brother Hyrum
April 2014

“My Brother Hyrum,” Friend, Apr. 2014, 36–37

My Brother Hyrum

My Brother Hyrum

My name is Hannah, and I live in Kansas, USA. I have a big brother named Hyrum. Hyrum is my best friend.

Hyrum is like other kids, but he is also different. Hyrum has autism. This means that he thinks a little differently than most people do and sometimes he has a hard time telling us how he feels.

Even though Hyrum can’t always tell me how he feels, I love him, and I know he loves me too!

Hyrum and I like to do a lot of things together. We watch movies and go to the zoo and the park. We especially like camping—roasting marshmallows over the fire is our favorite! We have lots of adventures together.

We don’t know why Hyrum has autism. We just know that Heavenly Father made all of us special. Jesus said that we should be kind to all of our brothers and sisters, and I want to be like Jesus.

Hyrum likes to run and play. Sometimes he likes to have adventures in his mind.

Sometimes kids tease my brother because they don’t understand him. I wish people knew my brother like I do.

I know Hyrum cares about me, even when he acts different, and I love him exactly the way he is.