Show and Tell
April 2014

“Show and Tell,” Friend, Apr. 2014, 38–39

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

I went to the Nashville Tennessee Temple with my mom and dad. We drove three hours to get there. I went inside for my first time ever. It was awesome! I did baptisms for the dead. It felt almost as good as when I was baptized. I want to go to the temple again very soon!

Caleb D., age 12, Illinois, USA

I always wear my CTR ring. It reminds me to choose the right. At school I tell my friends about choosing the right. At home I help my mom and dad with my baby brother. Sometimes I don’t want to help, but I think about what Jesus wants me to do. I know the Church is true. I know that if I do what is right, I will be happy and I can help others be happy too.

Lucy C., age 7, Arizona, USA

One afternoon, shortly before I was baptized, I was at my grandmother’s house when she went to the basement to get something for our dinner. She tripped and fell and couldn’t get up. She called to me, but I was watching TV and didn’t hear her. After about 10 minutes, I heard my name quietly: “Tom!” I went to look for her and found her lying on the floor. I was not strong enough to help her up, so I ran to a neighbor’s house. She came and helped Grandmother up. Grandmother told me, “Tom, that was the Holy Ghost that you heard. I was too far away for you to hear me.” I know it was the Holy Ghost who whispered to me. Now I am baptized, and I am glad to have the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Tom R., age 8, Germany

I was so excited to know if Heavenly Father wanted me to be a member of the Church or not and to know if the Book of Mormon was true. But I was confused about how to get an answer. My mom told me to stop and feel when I pray. She told me that if you feel the same, you should keep praying. If you feel bad, the answer is no. And if you feel happy, then the answer is yes. That night I prayed and said, “Heavenly Father, thank you for my day. Please tell me if the Book of Mormon is true. I want to be a member of the Church, and is that what I should do?” I waited, and then I felt joy. I said, “Thank you for answering me. Amen.” Heavenly Father said yes, and I know that Heavenly Father loves me.

James H., age 8, Arizona, USA


Spiritual, faithful

Teaching, preaching, praying

Happily sharing the gospel


Dallin R., age 9, California, USA

Thierry M., age 7, Brazil, likes Primary and singing hymns. She is glad she and her family are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She knows that the temple is the house of the Lord.

Lara, Charlotte, and Emmeline C., ages 6, 2, and 4, Northern Territory, Australia, love playing together, swimming, drawing, dressing up like princesses, and playing with their pet tree frogs. They are learning to treat others the way the Savior would want them to.