The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy

“The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy,” Friend, Dec. 2013, 38

The New Adventures of Matt & Mandy

Matt and Mandy

Did you like that Friend magazine I gave you?

Yeah. My dad liked it too, but he just lost his job, so we don’t have money for things like magazines …

Dad, I know we don’t have a lot of money this year because we had to move, but can we get Audrey a Friend subscription for Christmas? You could take it out of whatever you were going to get me.

In fact, I really don’t need much. Could we just give Audrey’s family most of what you would have spent on me? Without letting them know who it was?

I guess so, if you’re sure that’s what you want.

I was really hoping for that cool new scooter. She’s Mandy’s friend, not mine. In fact, she acts like I don’t exist.

But Mandy looked really happy when she told Dad what she wanted to do.

Dad, I heard what Mandy was saying. Would you do the same thing with my Christmas presents? But don’t tell Mandy. I mean, I don’t want her to think I like her friends.

You know what I mean.

You’re never going to guess what those two kids of ours just did.

Uh oh! Do I want to hear this?

Oh, trust me. You do.