Make Your Own Manger
December 2013

“Make Your Own Manger,” Friend, Dec. 2013, 6

Make Your Own Manger

Make this manger to help you remember Jesus this Christmas season. Be sure to ask an adult for help.

Make Your Own Manger

What you need:

  • scissors

  • glue

  • cardstock or heavy paper

  • lunch-size brown paper bag

  • old newspaper

  • yellow construction paper

  1. Cut out the star and baby Jesus. Glue them to heavy paper. You can print more copies at lds.org/friend.

  2. Cut about 3 inches (8 cm) off the top of the paper bag. Round the corners and draw a window shape on each side.

  3. Open the bag and carefully cut out the windows. Cut the sides out of the bag, down to about the bottom of the windows.

  4. Fill the bottom of the bag with small pieces of crumpled newspaper. Put the baby Jesus into the middle.

  5. Cut the yellow paper into little strips for hay, crumple them a bit, and put them on top of the newspaper.

  6. Glue the top of the bag together, and glue the star in place.