Show and Tell
December 2013

“Show and Tell,” Friend, Dec. 2013, 28–29

Show and Tell

Friend Magazine, 2013/12 Dec

My family and I had the amazing opportunity to visit Peru. Our tour guide organized a service project to help children in a local elementary school. I decided to provide sweaters for the children because they didn’t have warm clothes for the winter. I started a sweater drive at my elementary school. We collected more than 400 sweaters! I know the children in the school will be warm this winter. I felt a lot of joy because I was able to serve them.

Kale L., age 11, New Mexico, USA

During recess I was standing in the middle of a group of kids my age when one of the girls started swearing. Another boy soon joined in, and I felt very uncomfortable. I knew Heavenly Father would not want us to use these words. I asked them to stop swearing, but they continued to use bad language. I decided to walk away so they knew I wasn’t going to participate. I was sad they didn’t listen, but I knew I had stood up for what I believed in. I knew that Heavenly Father was happy too.

Caleb B., age 12, Utah, USA

One Sunday I noticed a little girl my age in sacrament meeting. She was new and seemed scared to go to Primary. I decided to ask her to come with me to Primary and be my friend. After church the little girl’s aunt told my parents that her niece was so happy to go to Primary with her new friend. I tried to be like Jesus by being a good friend and helping someone in need.

Reagan V., age 5, Colorado, USA

Taylor and Megan W., both age 10, Utah, USA

Ailin C., age 8, Guatemala

Lady M., age 5, Australia

Tyler B., age 9, Alaska, USA

Tima B., age 6, Ukraine

Melia B., age 5, Arkansas, USA, likes to be a good example to her younger brother. She likes to sing Primary songs and learn about the Articles of Faith. She enjoys making crafts, swimming, and riding her bike.

The children of the Cayenne Branch, French Guiana, loved presenting their Primary sacrament meeting. They were happy to give their talks, and they sang very well. One of their favorite songs is “I Am a Child of God.”