Ski Decision

“Ski Decision,” Friend, Dec. 2013, 44–45

Ski Decision

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).

The slope looked scary. Should Ethan trust his teacher?

Friend Magazine, 2013/12 Dec

“Ski down here to the right, Ethan. Remember to keep your ski tips together and the backs apart, and follow me.”

Ethan was nervous. He watched as his ski teacher put his ski tips together and snowplowed a short way down the hill. This was only his second day of skiing, and even though he loved the snow and the mountains, he was still a little scared of skiing. As he looked at the path his teacher had taken, he thought it looked too steep.

“I think I’d rather go this way,” Ethan called to his teacher, pointing off to his left. There was another path that looked much easier. It was flat and straight as far as he could see.

But his teacher shook his head.

“You don’t want to go that way,” he called to Ethan. “It gets a lot harder than it is right there—you just can’t see it.” He pointed again to the path on the right and said, “Go right where I went,” he said. “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.”

Ethan faced a tough decision. The path his teacher wanted him to take looked scary. The other path seemed like a better choice. Should he listen to his teacher or do what he wanted to do?

He really wanted to take his own path, but Ethan decided to follow his teacher’s advice. His palms were sweaty inside his mittens as he pushed his skis out into the triangle shape his teacher had taught him and started down the path on the right.

It was easier than he thought! He skied quickly down to where his teacher was waiting.

“Good job, Ethan!” his teacher said as Ethan skied over to him. “I’m glad you trusted me. Do you see that?” he said, pointing up the hill.

Ethan looked at the very steep, rocky, scary-looking hill his teacher was pointing to. “Yes,” he answered.

“That’s the path you wanted to go down,” his teacher replied.

Ethan gulped. His teacher was right—the path on the right was much better.

“Are you glad you listened to me?” his teacher asked.

“Definitely!” Ethan replied.

As they skied down the rest of the hill, Ethan trusted his teacher without worrying. He knew his teacher would tell him the right way to go.

Heading home after his ski lesson, Ethan thought a lot about how scary it would have been if he hadn’t trusted his teacher and hadn’t taken the safer path. His mom was always quoting a scripture about trusting in the Lord instead of in our own understanding. Maybe that was because Heavenly Father’s plan was the safest path—even if it did seem harder at first.

Ethan could remember a few times when he had wanted to do something that seemed easier or more fun than keeping Heavenly Father’s commandments. He decided that from now on he would trust Heavenly Father and follow His path. He felt a warm feeling inside because he knew he would be safe.