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“Bulletin Board,” Friend, Dec. 2013, 12–13

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

The 12 Compliments of Christmas

Kind words are as sweet as a plate of cookies, and they last a lot longer! This Christmas pick a person and think of 12 things you like about him or her. Starting 12 days before Christmas (or 12 days before school break), leave that person a secret message saying one nice thing each day. You could slip an envelope into a locker or tape a note to a door.

I Love to See the Temple

Many temples display nativity scenes during the Christmas season. Some visitors’ centers even have crèche festivals where they show nativity scenes from all around the world.

Can you match the nativity figures below with the countries they represent? (Check your answers on page 48.)

  1. Kenya

  2. Guatemala

  3. Russia

  4. Japan

  5. Samoa

  6. Norway

Ask Yourself …

What can I do to be more like Jesus Christ?

  • Answers: 1) E; 2) D; 3) B; 4) C; 5) A; 6) F