The Light of Christ at Christmas
December 2013

“The Light of Christ at Christmas,” Friend, Dec. 2013, 24–25

The Light of Christ at Christmas

Friend Magazine, 2013/12 Dec

Count down to Christmas by thinking about how the Savior brings light into the world. Carefully remove this page. After you’ve done each activity below, cut out the matching piece from page 27, and add it to the picture. Start your countdown on December 11.

December 11: Read John 8:12. Find other scriptures where Jesus says He is the Light of the World.

December 12: The light of a star guided shepherds to the baby Jesus. Watch “Shepherds Learn of the Birth of Christ” at Biblevideos.org.

December 13: Christ’s light guides us like the star guided shepherds to the stable. Make star-shaped cookies to share (see “Christmas Workshop,” Friend, Dec. 2009).

December 14: Turn off all the lights in your house. Then go from room to room singing Christmas songs and turning on lights as you go. Fill your home with light!

December 15: Listen closely in church. Do any of the songs or talks mention light?

December 16: Use a flashlight to find your way through a dark room. How does Christ’s light help you find your way?

December 17: Jesus was the perfect example. Share His light today by being a good example.

December 18: Learn and sing the words to “Silent Night” (Hymns, no. 204).

December 19: Temples remind us of Christ’s light. As a family, visit a temple at night to see it all lit up. Or look at pictures of temples online at lds.org/temples.

December 20: Read “Waiting for Jesus” on pages 4–5. Make your own manger on page 6.

December 21: Together as a family, read scriptures about Christ. Start with only one candle lit. Each time you read a verse, light another candle, and see how bright the scriptures can make your life!

December 22: How many different colors of lights can you count on your Christmas tree? Look up that many scriptures about Christ.

December 23: Christ is the center of Christmas. For family home evening, your family could perform the “Merry Christmas” program on pages 10–11.

December 24: Heavenly Father gave us light by sending His Son into the world. List or draw the ways you can bring light into your family.