Ready-for-School Backpack
September 2013

“Ready-for-School Backpack,” Friend, Sept. 2013, 24–25

Ready-for-School Backpack

Do you have everything you need for school?

Ready-for-School Backpack

Illustrations by Bryan Beach

Making Friends

Here are three tips for making good friends:

  1. Try to be friends with others, even if they’re different from you. Smile and introduce yourself to those you don’t know.

  2. Choose good friends who will help you live the gospel.

  3. Be a good friend by treating others as Christ would treat them.

Study Tips

Learning is a big part of following Christ (see D&C 88:118). Here are some tips to help you learn the best you can:

  1. Before you start your homework, do 10 jumping jacks or another exercise to help your body feel awake.

  2. Study in a quiet, clean place. You could set up a study desk in your room or make a clipboard desk to use anywhere (see page 12).

  3. Decide what you will study and for how long. Plan what treat or activity will be your reward for working hard.

  4. Take breaks for exercise and water.

  5. Say a prayer. Heavenly Father can help you when you are having a hard time.

Fruit Bug Snacks

Make these buggy treats for a fun after-school snack. Be sure to ask an adult for help.

1 apple

1 small orange

1 strawberry

2 blueberries

1 chewy chocolate candy or caramel

8 crackers

Apple Butterfly

  1. Core the apple and cut it in half.

  2. Place the apple peel-side up on a plate.

  3. Microwave the chewy candy for 5 seconds or until soft.

  4. Mold the candy into a butterfly body.

  5. Press two crackers into the body for wings, and set the butterfly on the apple.

Orange Bumblebees

  1. Peel the orange.

  2. Split the orange in half for two bee bodies.

  3. Partially separate the outside wedges from the middle wedges to make gaps for wings.

  4. Stick a cracker in each gap to make wings.

Strawberry Fly

  1. Place crackers on a plate for wings.

  2. Slice the strawberry and place the largest slice on top of the crackers for the body.

  3. Cut little strips of strawberry to create antennae.

  4. Place blueberries on the strawberry slice for eyes.